Sonntag, 15. Mai 2016

Under the Sea - Amsterdam

So, SFE was throwing an Event again, and as a veritable victim of peer pressure, I was attending as well.

Big Lolita Events use to put me under some kind of "Outfit pressure". There are only two main groups who stand out: Those who put way too much effort in their outfits and appear to be walking masterpieces - and those who don't put any effort at all. Everything inbetween seems to be invisible. Usually, I am inbetween.
(Don't take me too serious here :P )

But this time, I've got some high hopes, because of two factors:

I've got chosen to model for JULIETTE ET JUSTINE:

And secondly, I was going to wear this master headpiece!

However, before I start talking about this amazing event, let me tell you the ridiculous tale of Jen - trying to get there:

Once Upon a Time, Jen was chosen to model for J&J - therefore, it was her holy duty to attent at the event location on friday 8:30am. Since it was impossible to her to get there on saturday, she had to take a Bus who'd take her there overnight. The Bus was supposed to drop her in Amsterdam at 5:40 in the morning. This would be enough time to get lost approximately 4 times and for 6 crying fits.
Everything went well - until the mighty dickhead of a Bus driver mixed up the names of the cities and droped her (and three more confused traveller) off one station too early. After realizing that our four heroes of confusion ended up in the wrong city, there was a 15 minute panic attack, before two nice native girls helped poor Jen to find a bus station that would get her to Amsterdam in about 40 minutes (Usually there are going trains to amsterdam as well, but because murphy's law, not on this day.) - It was around 5am so lots of time left!
So, optimistic Jen stood there on the bus station, waiting for her Bus to amsterdam to come.
But it didn't come.
So Jen and at least 20 other people stood there for two hours, and no damn Bus came by.
Time for the first panic attack  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Someone eventually called the authorities and they'd sent us a Bus after these 2 hours, but, guess what, it would stop at every tiny town on the way to Amsterdam.
Murphys law part 3. Murphys law part 4 was that Jen's smartphone wasn't working properly. Even with activated roaming, it was impossible to contact anyone from the Event to let them know that she'll be late.
MURPHYS LAW PART 5: the bus stopped somewhere and wouldn't move for 20 minutes because of techincal errors, and we had to wait for another bus to take us.
Once in another Bus, it was already 8:15am and Jen was at the edge of crying. There it was going; her chance to model for the most amazing Lolita brand.

The Bus dropped little Jen off at Amsterdam around 8:20 ... Good! Jen still had ten minutes before the rehearsal would start, even when she had no idea where the hell she was!
Bothering locals with her printed map, someone helped her getting the right metro and she would, eventually, reach the rehearsel at 8:40am.

(And I am not even talking about how I was the only model at the rehearsel who was NOT wearing lolita, as there was no time to get changed. Pure feeling of awkwarness, standing there in Jeans, shirt and eyebags with extra eyebags - between a bunch of frilly pincesses).


I've got some time to get changed at the restrooms once the rehearsal was over, but the event would start soon after.

However - this was my overall coord: (Big THANK YOU to C0re Photography !!)

Plus a selfie in which I am stretching my arm so hard that it kept hurting for the rest of the day (otherwise, there was no chance to get this thing on a selfie..)

Details on my dress:

The location was at the heart of Amsterdam, in the Tropical Institute.

So after looking through the booth's and some socializing (God, I'm so bad at this...) - there was a Q&A Panel with the Guests of honor. Like Kimura U, Akira, the designer of Juliette & Justine, Mamechiyo etc

I could hear some panties dropping everytime Akira said something. Ha!

However, the fashion show was the next thing on the list.
So me and the other models had to get down, like... really down. Down to the basement.
There was my outfit hanging, and my heart skipped a little beat.

From the whole collection, I've had the only dress without a print. Someone said this dress wasn't even part of the new series, but they'd put it in the fashion show anyway, just because it's pretty. I have no idea if this was an accurate information, but compared to the other dresses... it sounds legit.

So this was my outfit, a really hectic attempt to get a photo in the changing room:

It's a shame I couldn't make any photos of the other models of different brands upstairs, because there were some stunning outfits. Like really, wow.

And my glorious 30 seconds began:

^Photo by Félix Yan

^Photo by Miradel 

^Thanks to C0re Photography

This experience was pretty neat. I just wished that we did some group photo with the designers or something, but well, you can't have everything ;)

There was a break after the fashion show, and HALLELUJA I've finally met the girls of my local comm and I didn't had continue my hidious attempts to socialize with people (again, I am REALLY bad at this. Especially when I had no sleep the past 36 hours).

So we went outside the building to catch some fresh air. Even tho I was wandering through amsterdam the last few hours, I was too stressed to actually realize that I was - in fact - in Amsterdam. These were the first minutes where I was able to enjoy the city around me for a little but. To let sink in the fact that this was my first time in Amsterdam.

I don't know if the girls of my comm are going to read this, but I want to thank you. You really saved this hectic day for me. Thanks for water and painkillers as well. If you've read my struggle to get there, you might understand why my head felt like exploding.
It was nice to have some familiar faces around.

After this break,there was another fashion show by Mamechiyo, who makes Kimonos. It's a shame I don't have better photos of it, but check her out here.

And uhm, if you care for some random shots, here you go:


And - of course - the final Group picture :D Can you spot me?

^That pic is so damn cool, I'm just right in the middle :D lol

AFTER THE EVENT: Man, a couple girls saved my poor ass, as I my accommodation dropped me all of a sudden and I had a really big struggle to find another place to stay. Luckily two nice lolitas booked a 3-bed-room at a budget hotel and would let me join.
To make it even better, these girls were hilarious, I had the time of my life. Thank you!

Also, I was finally able to do some sight seeing after the event and get some food with my little group of people.

overall conclusion: Amsterdam is damn beautiful and batshit crazy. I love it.

Day two: Tea Party!

So, THIS time I was lucky to get a ticket for the teaparty!

Not so lucky: My friends did not.

However, Street Fashion Europle didn't fail to impress with a breathtaking location again:

  Yes. Yes we had live music for a while.

Impressive. Oh God. Can't wait for Anh Binh to get my photos ready :D (no stress, I know you're busy)

My Outfit was a bit... plain. I don't know. I was that thing "in the middle" again. At least for my standards. But I've invested so much time and money in my first outfit, that I couldn't spend anymore in the next one. But it's okay.

This was my Outfit:

 I really loved the room(s) where the food was served, it was just beautiful. Way to make girls feel like princesses <3

This is what was lying on everyones plates <3 I loved the postcards, my respect to the artists <3 <3

Yeah uhm... I made a photo with Akira :'D

And with Kimura U as well <3 

But why, just WHY did they had to stand so close to the windows? That background light ruined the photos so hard !!

There's not too much left to tell, there was a raffle where I've won a black hair thingy, which I've traded for some make up-thingy. The designers chose their fav outfits (Akira chose an elderly man who was wearing an incredible AP outfit, which was re-made out of two AP dresses). Absolutley deserved, he looked amazing. I hate myself for not taking a photo of him ;_; I'm so shy when it comes to asking people if I can take their picture...

After the group picture we were released. Which left me with enough time to explore amsterdam. <3

I'm easy to spot, as I am sitting in the front row haha
Thanks to Kia for this shot <3

So, what else is to say?
I'm an idiot for only bringing my smartphone, for better photos please check the event page.
 There are many posts from people thanking the staff.
I agree, they did an amazing job!
But, I want to thank especially the people of the event itself. The guests.

Thanks to the girl who helped me into my dress.
Thanks to the girl who did my shirring.
Thanks to the girl who would lend me her make up because I've forgot mine.
Thanks to the girl who shared her water with me.
Thanks to the girl who showed me the rehearsal room when I was late and lost.
Thanks to the girl who introduced me to her friends when I couldn't find my own.
Thanks to the girl who saved me a spot in the showroom.
Thanks to the girl who traded her raffle gift with me.
Thanks to the girls who took the photos of me with the guests.
Thanks to all those girls I didn't even know, but made this day so special.
 Thank you.

Samstag, 2. Januar 2016


Okay okay - I should finish this entry before it's tooo long ago (it already is... right?)

But before I do this:



alright, here we go:

Because I'm a giant idiot, I planned my outfit 4am at night, like, two hours before my train was going.

And because I'm an ever bigger Idiot I didn't get ready at home, I just took on the dress and "planned" to do the rest (make up, headdress, etc) in the train.
Worst. Idea. Ever.

 Also, I met a bunch of other Lolitas in the train who where already in their outfits... and then there was me, sitting inbetween, trying to put my fake lashes on .________.

My planned Headdress didn't worked out either... Thank you May Nana fo helping me with that stuff ;_; Gawd I was so ashamed. But okay, here's my pathetic result:

We were like 2 hours too early when we arrived, but first of all we needd to find the Monastery in Seligenstadt, because the event would take place there.

(I stole this photo from someone and forgot from who.... sorry. I'm horrible.)

Because we weren't allowed to go inside by now, we decided to go on the.... uh... monestary-park thingy and make some photos.

(I just stole this photo as well xD if someone owns them and wants me to take them down, message me, I can't remember who sent me those haha)


And a couple more lolitas were coming~ ^^ (photo by Christian Rösch)

And I was sooo happy to meet Poppy again <3<3<3

Her coord was just stunning, I was so amazed by her headpiece!!!

After freezing our little frilly asses off, we were finally allowed to go inside. What we found was so... omg.
I have to say this was my first CandyDay ever, and I had no idea what awaits me.

Everyone got Cookiiiieees :D 

Gosh I felt like being in wonderland or something ;_;

Oh, and someone shot a pic of me while shooting a pic of me... whut? xD

This selfie makes me realize how crappy my smartphone-camera is ;_; boo hoo

After socializing for a while, they finally opened the buffet.
I was so happy that there was finally food and everyone else was happy because I finally stopped asking when there will be food.

Well that food was amazing. Not half as amazing as the stuff in Hannover (sorry guys, nothing is gonna win over that amazing soup) but still amazing :D

They also had a ruffle and an Outfit I didn't joined (because my outfit sucked balls. Gawd I was so unhappy about my outfit. You don't even know. Don't let me even start about my hair... urgh)

But I liked how the candy day hat 2 really amazing photographers who would shoot with everyone, and made awesome pics of people :3

I sadly avoided most shootings because I was so unhappy with my outfit :( but it's okay, I will be back next year ;D

But still had some shoots: (THANK YOU POPPY <3 )

And thank you, May <3 (and Amaya for editing ^^)

Beside a few other things I got this amazing necklace ;_;

It's a bird!! I love Birds more than anything, so this made me extremely happy <3

We also had this wall:

While everyone had a number, people could write little messages on a piece of paper and put them in the fitting enveleopes :) such a cute idea!!!

At the end, there were more shootings and stuff, I love the group picture <3


If you want to have some clother looks into the other stunning outfits, click here:

I can't wait for the next candy day event I hopefully will be able to attent to :)

Jen xoxo