Sonntag, 1. April 2012

The try to fill the empty spaces :D

I think I just need to put more stuff on this site :D

This is what I bought in Germany a while ago : 3

 And my lovely Darling bought me this one as a little gift... oh GOSH these cookies was so damn tasty you should try them!!! D:
(Okay, I totally failed at baking so they turned a and STILL they was tasty!!! XDDD)

And this is my new watch. Say Hello. Named her Berta. ho ho ho.

So I just opened my new Blog ^-^
Since I'm still working on it, I'll just post some photos and Purikuras of my Trip to Japan <3 Enjoy :3

I stayed several Weeks in Japan by a host family and I was even going to school there ^-^ It was so much fun !!!! <3<3<3

And please come back later, when I finally finished this thing here >.<"