Samstag, 5. Mai 2012

Urban Exploring & LOLITA MEETING

First of all, I've had my very FIRST lolita meeting with my comm. group.
We went to the Movie-park Babelsberg - it was so amazing and so much fun !!!

Here's one of the group-pictures xD (Guess who's that Bitch on the throne? xDDD)

Also my lecturer in "Photography" loves Urban exploring! So for a Photography-lesson we went with the whole course to an abandoned amusement park.

Look at the SHOTS:
Oh btw ! That Ferris weel was still moving... I mean... it was still rotating!!! °_° That was so scary, this park is abandoned since YEARS, but it keeps rotating and because of the grid, it makes a terrible screeching sound... Story of my life, I was amazed and scared at the same time. Would never go there at night!!! X_X

Okay that's it ^^

But, last but not least, a little Update about my sweet dove ^___^

We will let it free this weekend! Her leg healed, she can already walk again. She can fly again. Now she's so full of power!!! Oh and her tail feathers grew up again :)
I'm so happy she's getting better!!!

Thanks for having a look here guys ^_^

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