Samstag, 29. September 2012

Jinya the actress!

Yo Yo Yoooooooo xDDDD

Did you recognized my new HEADER at the top of my Blog?
Looks much better, doesn't it!?
I've really hated my old one, I made it within 10 minutes because I just wanted to blog quickly and needed a header XD
Anyway, I asked my boyfriend to create something new, and he came up with this *-* me gusta!

So okay... last week was pretty awesome >_> I have MUCH to tell !!!

First of all, I was part of a german cine film !!!

That was kind of a suprise... Because actually I was requestet as an extra/supernumerary... you know... those guys in a movie you can see in the background, and doing anything you don't care 'bout ~
And so I went there and thought "oh wow, I will see a real film set !
Then came the suprise, I was not just a "background guy" in that movie... I've got a SPEAKING PART!!! O_o
I really didn't expected THAT !!!
So they've send me to their Make up Artists and said "Do your best, she'll be good to see in her part!".
And after they said THAT I just I will NOT be a blurry background person!! XD

So this is what the movie Make up Artists made of me:

I assumed a role of a photographer's assistant :) and my task was to browbeat the main actress in HER role as the Photograph.
These clothes wasn't my own, actually. These people came with a delivery van FULL of clothes XD 

Also pretty awesome: There was a REAL COW at the film set!! They sprayed the cow with white color, then placed it in front of a screen and project pictures of children on the cow. 
Pretty strange. 

I even got lunch there AND I've got paid for the role c:
That day was so awesome!

I was THAT happy that I rewarded myself for being brave that day xDD (no, srsly, I never was THAT nervous in my life!!!): 

 Oooh so much kitschy stuff <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

And then, there was another thing that was really Fun!


yeeessss I've tried Country Lolita! So me and my boyfriend was looking for cornfields we could shoot. AND of course little Jenny found one XD

So here are the results ^^
Enjoy <3


Sonntag, 16. September 2012

Wings! Wings everywhere!

 Hey friends ^_^

wow, what a week! So much joy, so many tears - geezus! And at the moment I'm thinking about coloring my hair differently, because everyone is having silver/grey right now.. that's boring :c

But as promised I start with CONNICHI CONVENTION in germany :3
Me and my friend(s) cosplayed characters of the MMORPG "Aion"

The only thing that really sucked was that I just don't managed it to get any group photos!! Dx
The Group members always runned away and the other friends I couldn't find wasn't aviable at the phone, bla D:
But well, I've had my fun anyway... ~

See? Funny day, after all. XD
If you wonder about the Bubble Tea picture: I've stood in line for a bubble tea 2 times.
And 2 times any fucking idiot told me "but, uhm, you know that it's causing cancer?"
Bitch please, almost EVERYTHING is causing cancer these days. Do you really think McDonalds, Burger King, Doner Kebab, Coca Cola and stuff is so much more healthier ???
Am I going to ANY smoker and tell him "but, uhm, you know that it's causing cancer?"- Sure NOT!
So please STFU, I really can't hear it anymore, since I couldn't care less!!
GOSH!!! -.-


Ah... something sad happened the last week :c
As you might know I have many birds at home (yes I LOVE birds :'D). Unfortunatley, one of my Budgies got really really ill. I took him to the vet several times, I've paid a hell lot of money for medicine, I even signed in many Budgie forum's to get tips from other owners with the same problem.

But his illness was too heavy for that small bird, he got more and more weak every day, and one day he just fell asleep... and never woke up again.

I've felt so guilty, like I'd didn't tried enough to save the little guy. But in the end, even the vet told me I couldn't do much for him anymore.

You guy's cannot believe how much his death hurted me, I've cried like a baby and couldn't stop. It was too much holding my little friend in my hands when he died.

I will never forget you little Jocky, and I will never forget how you always KICKED my cockatiel's ASSES, even when they was like 4 times bigger than you :') 

But well, even when I was sad as hell, Budgies get depressive (in fact!!!) when they don't have a partner. So my dropped behind Budgie was pretty lonely after his friend died.
So I thought... well, I couldn't save the life of my last budgie, maybe I can give a better life to another budgie!
That's why I've visited the animal shelter and stuff, but they didn't had any Budgies >_<"

Then I've looked in the internet, because some owners sell or even give their pets away if they get bored by them or don't have any time for'em anymore.
And so I've found that little thing:

The owner don't wanted her anymore. He didn't gave her free flight in his home and he kept her all alone. Really a sad little bird. And so I just took her home c:
Oh and we named her "Bounty" because of the colors xDDDD

Now she's happy and having fun with my little flock ^.^

She will never "replace" Jocky, because he was an awesome little Bastard xDDD
But I love her, she's such a cute little princess <3


So guys, we come to an End,

NEXT TIME .... :

I'm on a Lolita meet-up again ^O^ and we're gonna visit a cute little tea-cake-cookie-shop ^.^
Here's a shot:

It looks so YUMMYYYY and I really can't waaaiiiiitt ;A; <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

And I bet there will be more stuff to tell, but let's wait what's going to happen within the next 1-2 weeks ^_^

Have a nice day <3

Jen <3