Samstag, 29. September 2012

Jinya the actress!

Yo Yo Yoooooooo xDDDD

Did you recognized my new HEADER at the top of my Blog?
Looks much better, doesn't it!?
I've really hated my old one, I made it within 10 minutes because I just wanted to blog quickly and needed a header XD
Anyway, I asked my boyfriend to create something new, and he came up with this *-* me gusta!

So okay... last week was pretty awesome >_> I have MUCH to tell !!!

First of all, I was part of a german cine film !!!

That was kind of a suprise... Because actually I was requestet as an extra/supernumerary... you know... those guys in a movie you can see in the background, and doing anything you don't care 'bout ~
And so I went there and thought "oh wow, I will see a real film set !
Then came the suprise, I was not just a "background guy" in that movie... I've got a SPEAKING PART!!! O_o
I really didn't expected THAT !!!
So they've send me to their Make up Artists and said "Do your best, she'll be good to see in her part!".
And after they said THAT I just I will NOT be a blurry background person!! XD

So this is what the movie Make up Artists made of me:

I assumed a role of a photographer's assistant :) and my task was to browbeat the main actress in HER role as the Photograph.
These clothes wasn't my own, actually. These people came with a delivery van FULL of clothes XD 

Also pretty awesome: There was a REAL COW at the film set!! They sprayed the cow with white color, then placed it in front of a screen and project pictures of children on the cow. 
Pretty strange. 

I even got lunch there AND I've got paid for the role c:
That day was so awesome!

I was THAT happy that I rewarded myself for being brave that day xDD (no, srsly, I never was THAT nervous in my life!!!): 

 Oooh so much kitschy stuff <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

And then, there was another thing that was really Fun!


yeeessss I've tried Country Lolita! So me and my boyfriend was looking for cornfields we could shoot. AND of course little Jenny found one XD

So here are the results ^^
Enjoy <3



  1. Whaaa wie cool! Was für ein Film war das denn, und wie bist du zu der Rolle bekommen? :D

    Ach, ich finde die Fotos vom Country-Shooting wundervoll! Das eine hab ich auch auf Dunkelsüß gesehen. DU bist echt eine wunderschöne Lolita!
    Das rote BL Kleid gefällt mir ja auch super, aber ich finde rot muss man tragen können... du kannst es! :D Ich glaube mir persönlich würde das überhaupt nicht stehen XD Und so schlimm sind die Fotos doch nicht ^^ Bis auf die suboptimale Belichtung vielleicht :'D

  2. Me gusta también :-) Yeah, I wanna know what movie that was. Hey - if it comes to a cinema in Denmark I want to be able to stand up in the seat and shout - "hey, I know that actress!" hehe ...

    P.S: I love the black and white pic especially ... some timelessness over it, methinks . NIce