Dienstag, 27. November 2012

Sorry. I'm late.

Hey Guys.
 Sorry for not posting anything at all the last weeks. It was quite a few rough days for me.
I've found a new Lolita comm. near my city - which is even bigger than my last one o_O
I just got so sick and tired by the unnecessary drama there x_x

Whatever - my way is successful so far ;)
My short-manga "In Sane we trust" got finally printed in a german short-manga edition

Also I'm still illustrating a children's book with another successful author, who's actual selling awesome fantasy novels *-* I'm really excited about our project!!

Aaah and there's an "Advent meet" in germany/Düsseldorf, for Lolita, Fairy kei and so on. I can't wait to go there in december <3 It'll be so awesome, I'm sure of <3<3<3
Just not sure if to wear sweet Lolita or rather Casual o.O Coz I have to go there by train T_T I don't wanna crease my AP dress in a damn Train-seat >___<"

And I visitied my family the past few weeks C:
It's always so funny with'em - so we had brunch then. I was so happy to see them all again <3

And that thing below is just pure bordom on a free day XD

Next time I'm gonna tell you about the Advent Meet and my latest adventures~ ^^
Sorry for the short-blog this time <3