Dienstag, 26. November 2013

Urban exploring + Lolita Shooting!

Guys Guys Guys! It was time again <3

Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurbaaaaan explooooooriiiiiiiiing >:D

This time: a ruin not so many people know yet, because it was closed most of the time - BUT THAT'S GREAT! No ugly graffiti on the walls, no vandalism - yes, this house is a mess, but it was left behind around 1938!
Urban explorer don't want the adress to get public to save this great place from vandalism and I can understand. We just stopped by for a quick shooting and left after a half hour without changing anything.

This is actually pretty special, it's like the inside of the house is still STUCK in 1938. Old newspapers from that time are everywhere around, personal objects, shoes, old clothes, even ass-old marmelade, pillows and so on are all over the rooms.

Now have a look at the ruin first:

The kitchen:

There was even food left in the fridge. It looks like a chaos, but rather someone forced the family to leave by violence. Holy! 

the living room:

the living room is pretty large, not good to see here, but there's another couch at the right side, a window and an old broken  cupboard. Plastic flowers are to find everywhere in the house.

+++ The piano room +++

Looked a bit like all the music books exploded - there were several hundred sheets of music all over the room! We just tried to arrange them a bit for the shoot.
The piano itself is awesome, nearly untouched, you can still play on it!!

At this point I'm the first one who was "lolita-shooting" in this house - but even though I'm not telling anyone the adress of this house, I'm waiting for all the copycats... boring...

whatsoever, enjoy the shoot :)

It was an amazing feel inside the house, and if you just take a deep breath, enjoy the atmosphere, you can imagine what it must have been like living here in 1938. Sit down, go through the old newspapers, read them.. the table in the piano room is full with old bills, I can imagine writing checks there or letters, seeing the old clothes of my wife on the other chair, she must have had small feets, the shoes are pretty small. Old baroque-like cups standing on the sideboard over the way.
In a time of ringing phones, facebook and smartphones, this were some really peaceful moments.

If you're going to find this house:
Do not destroy anything, watch your feet - there are many little treasures all over the floor.
Don't take anything away, don't be too loud - don't dare to freak'n party over there - have some respect for an old mens home.

You may think "oh c'mon, this house is falling apart anyway" - yes it is. But there's quite a difference between vandalism and the beauty of natural decadence.
Enjoy the charme, the peace, the silence and it will be a lovely stay.


Dienstag, 15. Oktober 2013

Jen was in german TV :D lulz

Hey, hey, hey!

Jenny's ugly face was on screen in german TV regarding my multiple sclerosis suffering.

You can see it here :'D


Here have a gif someone made out of the clip XDDD

I actually like the first scene with...this... :'D
(Too bad I never look that sexy when I have my dizzy spells ^^""")

I just do not like my voice ^^""""""""""""""""""""""""


Freitag, 26. April 2013


Well, well, well, my friends ;)

I'm not to get down that easily. Whatsoever, there's much to tell again!

Last Wednesday, the LARA AWARDS  and German video game awards 2013 took place in Berlin.
And because I stalk the right people I got invited :P
Also there was a few cosplayer as well - You looked so great guys!!!

I'm just gonna show you some of my favorite shots <3

I came in my beloved AION Cosplay xD
Funny thing. Actually I wanted to get a professionell make up artist, but I didn't find an affordable one in time, so I just went into the next drugstore and was "testing" some make up... for 30-40 minutes... and left the drugstore completely rouged XDDDDD
Still I look kinda retareded there, since I don't know that much about make up... sorry guys.

One of my friends got invited too, I WAS SO HAPPY!!!!! ;A; I was afraid to end up there alone and don't know anyone at all. She cosplayed Glados... her fucking helmet is even glowing, holy shit, her boyfriend is a genius!! O__O
Just looked so cool, and so cute at the same time xDDD Wanted to cuddle her all the way, haha.

Aaaaaaand of course I've met some celebrities :D:D damn... that was FUN !!!
I've met the GAME ONE Guys and Samy Deluxe !!! *-*

After the shootings the show began, if you're interested in Games, here are the Winners of the both Awards:

Winner of the german Game Award 2013:

Best german game:

  • Chaos auf Deponia: Daedalic Entertainment, Hamburg

  • Best Children's game:
  • Meine 1. App: appp media, München

  • Best youth' game:
  • Tiny & Big: Grandpa´s Leftovers: Black Pants Studio, Kassel

  • Bestes Mobile game:
  • Word Wonders – The Tower of Babel: Chimera Entertainment, München, Games in Flames/Dreamfab, München/Regensburg

  • Best Serious Game:
  • Menschen auf der Flucht: Serious Games Solutions, Potsdam

  • Best Browsergame:
  • Forge of Empires: InnoGames, Hamburg

  • Bestes offspring-concept:
  • GroundPlay: HAW Hamburg, Hamburg

  • Winner of the LARA - the german Games Award 2013

    Best International computergame:
  • The Walking Dead, Telltale Games

  • Best International videogame:
  • Dishonored: Die Maske des Zorns, Arkane Studios / Bethesda Softworks (ZeniMax)

  • Best International mobile game:
  • Rayman Jungle Run, Ubisoft

  • Lara of Honour
  • Richard Garriott

  • Congratulations!!! (And one day, my Boyfriend's gotta get all these awards, I'm sure of ;D !! lol)

    After that show, we were all waiting for the Buffet ! Q_Q //SOOO HUNGRY !!!!

    Well, that was yummy. <3

    At the end of the event we just stayed at bit at the aftershow party,  anyway, here are some of my last shotes, have fun and have a nice day (: Jen !


    Dienstag, 26. März 2013

    Maybe not the right thing...

     Hello there,

    As promised, I'm going to show you the pics of the latest events here in germany <3

    Also, these events made me notice something... but I'm gonna tell you at the end of this Blog (:

    The first thing happening was me getting a cold T_T" and for a week or so I couldn't do much but laze around on my sofa and...dying a little bit :'D

    Then, last weekend started with the Book fair in Leipzig. We just went there by train with some friends

    It was the first time I wanted to wear my COMPLETE sweet Lolita Outfit ^^ Here are the shots:

    My cutie pie Marie <3 <3 <3 <3 c:

     This is one of the very rare moments I'm not wearing a wig. What makes it even weird, coz I planned to wear one, but since I couldn't find my own one and a friend of mine forgot to bring her own for me, I had no other choice ^^"
    But it wasn't that much of a drama, since the color was kinda 'fitting' at least a bit this time.

    I also got filmed ^^ just a small private video by another great lolita, but it's funny seeing me there in the "intro" for a few seconds. But it's a nice summary of the whole book fair and it's great Lolitas and Cosplayers! ^-^
    You can see me around 00:50 seconds or so xD

    Click: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1SAkW4mDGJQ

     Just a week later there was the 'Märchen Tea party' in Berlin. Well, at least it looked kinda nice...

     I almost wore the same coord like at the book fair, but I wore the pink BTSSB dress of a friend. But to be honest, I wasn't in the mood for photos of myself.

    You know, I'm not a Lolita for long and sometimes, now and again, I was always wondering if Lolita is actually the 'right' scene for me. But finding new lovely dresses made me block that question out all the time.
    So, while I was waiting for my tea, tasting some cake (it was delicious!!) and some really wonderful looking Lolitas surrounded me, the question came up again.
    After an half hour I was horrible bored.. and I mean REALLY bored, and after 2 hours I was so bored that it kinda pissed me off.
    I mean... really? Sitting in a café for 2 hours and waiting for the next 4 hours, drinking tea and eating cake? That's all ? I expected me doing this when I'm a grandma with my ass-boring-grandma friends around me in 60 years, but I'm iny 20's, what the flying F*ck am I doing here?
    Two hours. Two hours I could have spending drawing for my next exhibition, or learning surf-riding, or bake a f*cking awesome cake myself with my f*cking awesome friends, or apply for making a diver's liscence. But no. I'm drinking tea. In a ridiculous expensive dress. Watching a "living doll" dancer next to me doing the 'robo dance', but it's actually No damn robo-dance, no, it's supposed to look like a marionette doing the robo dance dancing like on strings or something... oh holy shit.
    Never mind, I left after 2 hours and was happy as f*ck.

    I'm not saying the tea party was a bad thing, but it made me just realize... maybe Lolita is not that what makes me happy. I mean truly happy.
    Lolita made me met the most horrible and wrong persons of my life. Lolita made me spend money on things I rather 'need' to look 'right' - instead of things I enjoy.
    Of course I was happy to get a dress, I was happy when the milky-chan bag arrived, and WOW I was happy when I finally got my BTSSB umbrella. But I'm wondering if all that was just another pathetic attempt to find myself. Or maybe just finding some friends in a City which was completely foreign to me when I moved here.
    And yeah.. it kinda MADE me find another piece of myself, coz I realized a little bit more what makes me truly happy.

    I'm not a doll. I don't want to make sure that not the tiniest spot comes on my dress. Damn, I'm someone who's eating with it hands, someone who's used to wear clothes at home which are FULL of acrylic/oil colors, someone who's spending hours and hours playing and ranting with my friend's dogs.

    ...Oh, dogs!


    I will spend my money on something I love and what makes me happy. I grew up with dogs and I decieded to get one again.

    Say Hello to Trixie ^_^

     I saved her from the animal shelter... she's such a cute little princess. She's so full of love and happiness!
    This is what makes me happy so bad... for example. ^^

    What also makes me happy is to travel. Maybe I can combine those things. This year I want to fly to MALTA with my BF, maybe I can take Trixie with me.
    Playing with my dream dog on the beach... wow... that'll be worth every fucking cent <3<3<3<3

    Maybe we have to look a little bit closer on things we believe to like. Maybe there are things we like even more and make us even happier. I'm sure there are many girls who truly love being lolita, sure! Everyone is on it's own way to find it's luck ^u^

    I want to surround myself with people I love and that love me back. With things I enjoy without the slightest doubt. And one day I'll be completely surrounded by things that make me happy as F*ck only!!! XDDDD


    Don't worry, I'm not going to stop wearing Lolita. There are still some coords on it's way I ordered some weeks ago. But I think I won't buy any more stuff for the next time. Still there's the cherry blossom festival next month and the japan day in may, where I will appear in Lolita. And still I DO have some awesome Lolita friends I don't want to dissappoint that much.

    BUT... after this I will more concentrate on COSPLAY again ^^ where I never met any assholes... but a bunch of true friends <3


    I hope I didn't bored you too much with this XD

     Jen <3