Dienstag, 22. Januar 2013

Japan Festival in berlin :3

Hey there!

I thought I should bother you with a new entry about the Japan festival here in Berlin :D:D

It was a chance to wear Lolita again! XD yay!

That was my coord:
Dress: Angelic pretty
Blouse: Bodyline
All the fucking rest I'm too lazy to specify: kumakiko, Chocomint, Bodyline, Secret shop

I just go on with some photos of the event:

If you wonder, the green stuff is MATCHA ... o_O... never drunk it before, but it was tasty as fuck.

I just didn't managed that thing with the sticks...

Nevermind.... HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY - Sparkle Sparkle... and shit...


Well what else... oh yeah, I just wanted to learn something new in 2013... so I started to learn jiu jitsu together with a friend.
"is a Japanese martial art and a method of close combat for defeating an armed and armored opponent in which one uses no weapon or only a short weapon" .. Thank you Wikipedia! xD

No Make-up :'D + fugly duck face, I don't know what's wrong with me. But I needed a proof for my stupid white belt. xDDD
But I have to admit, it's really really fun. Even though I'm SO BAD at sports I enjoyed it.
Also, I like that sensei-stuff xD Before every lesson we have to bow down and stuff, that's kinda cool. 

what else... uuuhm... oh yeah, ma' shitty artwork got voted to be the new banner of the EGL SALES for one month xDDD

That's really suprising... I just sent it for the first time, I didn't expected this.
Anyway, Thank you guys for voting XD


Dienstag, 1. Januar 2013

Merry Kissmyass!

Hello Friends'n Followers!

Oh damnit... I'll start with my latest shoot to gain your attention:

Thank you, Thank you, I know I look derpy as fuck. But I like my hair anyway XD

But let's not forget Christmas.

That's a short story about my really TERRIBLE and FUCKED UP christmas.

Just lean back and have a laugh.

As you may know - I'm currently living in Berlin. Not for long yet. So my whole family is located... well... pretty far away.
So I went to my car on the 24th in the morning, ready to drive the long way down to my hometown.
That is what happened first:

I really... I really cannot explain how I could possibly just ignore that BIG FAT YELLOW STICKER on my front shield... for MINUTES.

When I pulled over to the right side, to have a look on that sticker... I was shocked. That funny awful sticker told me, that someone has stolen my license tag's.
HOLY... !!!
I just panicked and called my dad, coz I had no idea what the heck to do right now. I couldn't drive like that!
"DAAAAAAD someone stole my license tags!!!!" D:
- "Well, uhm... call the police!"
SO I've called the Police.
- "Well, uhm... come over to Moritz-street."
Okay. Got it. I typed the Moritz-street into my navigation system. But unfortunatley no one told me that there are like 2-3 Moritz-streets in Berlin. OF COURSE my navigation system didn't told me either.
And OF COURSE it took me to the wrong one. 
So, I ended up in some ghetto-liked street in Kreuzberg and called the Police once more.
I really hated driving like that... I was nervous, and angry, and everyone on the street honked on me, because my license tags were gone. I was even THAT nervous that my driving style reminded me of Grand theft Auto.
After I've ruined Berlins street for 40 more Minutes until I finally found one of the police stations there.
These people were so funny, oh Lord...
I asked the policeman:
"You might give me some kind of alternate tag or something? I'd like to see my family today!"
But he responded:
"Uhm no, but just write your initials on some piece of paper and put it on your window, it's not allowed officially but... whatever.. you can try it out."
Wow. Thanks. Really.
In GTA-driving-style back home, doing what the policemen told me, and driving to my hometown.
I just tried to ignore the people that kept on honking. Mind your own business, bastards.

It was pretty late already, and I gave my mother a call, that I will be late. She told me she would wait for me, but I was so upset about that whole situation. Deep...deeeeep inside my angry brain, and even deeper in my angry thoughts... I missed my gateway.
No problem, I'll just take the next one.
Back in my angry mood, I missed the other gateway as well.
When I finally took the third gateway... I was so much wrong.
I've got lost in a small village where the only fucking drive-up to the freeway was blocked by a big building lot....it took me another 30 minutes to find a way out that creepy village.
I arrived at my mother's home late... the only luck I had was not getting catched by the police.
@_@" ...

BUT ~ <3
Christmas was still pretty tasty and lovely ^^

My Mother came up with her famous muffins *Q*

I'm just glad I arrived AT ALL.

But okay, the horror didn't end. Since my parents are divorced, my father really dislike me going to my mother. One day after Christmas he started an argument with me... but I don't felt like fighting. I just left his home and went to my uncle.
See.. my uncle is young, and since childhood he's rather a BIG AWESOME BROTHER to me.
Of course he opened his doors for me... and we had some fun with the WII U xD

I'm jealous XD the Wii U is so awesome!! He said I'll get one too, since we both ALWAYS shared the same passion for games. But I wanna wait, until there are some SPECIAL EDITIONS of the Wii U design.
I nearly cried back then, when I found out there's a black-golden-Zelda-Wii ... T_T

I've had some awesome days with my Brother...Uncle...BRONCLE !! xDDD

Back home I witnessed what a lucky Bastard my Boyfriend is.

He just won a Fan-packet of "Wreck it Ralph" !!!
There was a shirt, alarm clock, CD's, bottle and so on. Awesome. I totally LOVED that movie!!!

AND he bought 3 packs of My little Pony parcels for me... and oh! Suprise!
It's Luna, Celestia AND Cadence! Luck Luck Luck! xDD

Yiha! I really love the alarm clock! ^^

Oh! And I fell in love with the iPhone Game KAWAII PET MEGU!!! *_*" Is someone playing that stuff ?
Feel free to add me <3 My twitter is https://twitter.com/JennyJinya

Have a nice day and stuff... ~ ^^