Mittwoch, 13. März 2013

I'm so lucky lucky!

Hello there! <3

Wow! Last week was so lucky! And I mean REALLY LUCKY! o_O

Week started that I've found a brand new hello-kitty-purse on the floor. It wasn't even dirty and the price tag was still on it.

When I came home there were two free coupons for the cinema in my postbox.

Later I walked to the copyshop, because I had to print some large photos for university. I just got some huge discount because of spontaneous kindness xDDDD Aaaaaaawww Yeeeeeaaaaah!!
Also my grades in University were just fine <3 I'm really glad!

 And finally my BTSSB Umbrella arrived <3

Isn't he lovely? I feel like a princess with that thing XD <3

Oh wait! There was even more luck! 
I just went to the bank, where a young hair stylist came to me and asked "hey there, would you like getting a new haircut for free?" and I was like "sure why not? XD"
because she was a trainee and needed someone she can train with ^^
So I got a new hair cut and some coffee for free ^O^

Now my hair is short XD but that's okay, because my hair was pretty much broken at the bottom

And I just finished a new artwork, have a look (:

I had a really SPECIAL shooting some weeks ago!
GOSH it was awesome! And no, for any reason I really didn't freeze ö___ö
Guess the sky latern gave really much heat!

Please wait for my NEXT POST ^_^ Becaaaaause

There are many reasons to wear Lolita this month!

There's the convention on saturday, the Leipziger Buchmesse, 

Also we have a huge "Fairy tale tea Party" in town!

See you then! ^__^


  1. Wow, your new hair-cut looks really nice. I like it ^^

    1. aww thank you so much ^O^ <3
      Long time ago I had short hair ^-^ haha!

  2. Boah, so viel Glück möcht ich auch mal haben! o.o
    Der Schirm ist sowas von hübsch! *v*

    1. Das war bei mir auch eher die Ausnahme, normalerweise bin ich der Pechvogel vom Dienst *lach*
      Und Danke <3

  3. Your new hairstyle suits you so nicely ♥(ノ´∀`)
    Beautiful last picture!