Freitag, 26. April 2013


Well, well, well, my friends ;)

I'm not to get down that easily. Whatsoever, there's much to tell again!

Last Wednesday, the LARA AWARDS  and German video game awards 2013 took place in Berlin.
And because I stalk the right people I got invited :P
Also there was a few cosplayer as well - You looked so great guys!!!

I'm just gonna show you some of my favorite shots <3

I came in my beloved AION Cosplay xD
Funny thing. Actually I wanted to get a professionell make up artist, but I didn't find an affordable one in time, so I just went into the next drugstore and was "testing" some make up... for 30-40 minutes... and left the drugstore completely rouged XDDDDD
Still I look kinda retareded there, since I don't know that much about make up... sorry guys.

One of my friends got invited too, I WAS SO HAPPY!!!!! ;A; I was afraid to end up there alone and don't know anyone at all. She cosplayed Glados... her fucking helmet is even glowing, holy shit, her boyfriend is a genius!! O__O
Just looked so cool, and so cute at the same time xDDD Wanted to cuddle her all the way, haha.

Aaaaaaand of course I've met some celebrities :D:D damn... that was FUN !!!
I've met the GAME ONE Guys and Samy Deluxe !!! *-*

After the shootings the show began, if you're interested in Games, here are the Winners of the both Awards:

Winner of the german Game Award 2013:

Best german game:

  • Chaos auf Deponia: Daedalic Entertainment, Hamburg

  • Best Children's game:
  • Meine 1. App: appp media, München

  • Best youth' game:
  • Tiny & Big: Grandpa´s Leftovers: Black Pants Studio, Kassel

  • Bestes Mobile game:
  • Word Wonders – The Tower of Babel: Chimera Entertainment, München, Games in Flames/Dreamfab, München/Regensburg

  • Best Serious Game:
  • Menschen auf der Flucht: Serious Games Solutions, Potsdam

  • Best Browsergame:
  • Forge of Empires: InnoGames, Hamburg

  • Bestes offspring-concept:
  • GroundPlay: HAW Hamburg, Hamburg

  • Winner of the LARA - the german Games Award 2013

    Best International computergame:
  • The Walking Dead, Telltale Games

  • Best International videogame:
  • Dishonored: Die Maske des Zorns, Arkane Studios / Bethesda Softworks (ZeniMax)

  • Best International mobile game:
  • Rayman Jungle Run, Ubisoft

  • Lara of Honour
  • Richard Garriott

  • Congratulations!!! (And one day, my Boyfriend's gotta get all these awards, I'm sure of ;D !! lol)

    After that show, we were all waiting for the Buffet ! Q_Q //SOOO HUNGRY !!!!

    Well, that was yummy. <3

    At the end of the event we just stayed at bit at the aftershow party,  anyway, here are some of my last shotes, have fun and have a nice day (: Jen !