Dienstag, 26. November 2013

Urban exploring + Lolita Shooting!

Guys Guys Guys! It was time again <3

Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurbaaaaan explooooooriiiiiiiiing >:D

This time: a ruin not so many people know yet, because it was closed most of the time - BUT THAT'S GREAT! No ugly graffiti on the walls, no vandalism - yes, this house is a mess, but it was left behind around 1938!
Urban explorer don't want the adress to get public to save this great place from vandalism and I can understand. We just stopped by for a quick shooting and left after a half hour without changing anything.

This is actually pretty special, it's like the inside of the house is still STUCK in 1938. Old newspapers from that time are everywhere around, personal objects, shoes, old clothes, even ass-old marmelade, pillows and so on are all over the rooms.

Now have a look at the ruin first:

The kitchen:

There was even food left in the fridge. It looks like a chaos, but rather someone forced the family to leave by violence. Holy! 

the living room:

the living room is pretty large, not good to see here, but there's another couch at the right side, a window and an old broken  cupboard. Plastic flowers are to find everywhere in the house.

+++ The piano room +++

Looked a bit like all the music books exploded - there were several hundred sheets of music all over the room! We just tried to arrange them a bit for the shoot.
The piano itself is awesome, nearly untouched, you can still play on it!!

At this point I'm the first one who was "lolita-shooting" in this house - but even though I'm not telling anyone the adress of this house, I'm waiting for all the copycats... boring...

whatsoever, enjoy the shoot :)

It was an amazing feel inside the house, and if you just take a deep breath, enjoy the atmosphere, you can imagine what it must have been like living here in 1938. Sit down, go through the old newspapers, read them.. the table in the piano room is full with old bills, I can imagine writing checks there or letters, seeing the old clothes of my wife on the other chair, she must have had small feets, the shoes are pretty small. Old baroque-like cups standing on the sideboard over the way.
In a time of ringing phones, facebook and smartphones, this were some really peaceful moments.

If you're going to find this house:
Do not destroy anything, watch your feet - there are many little treasures all over the floor.
Don't take anything away, don't be too loud - don't dare to freak'n party over there - have some respect for an old mens home.

You may think "oh c'mon, this house is falling apart anyway" - yes it is. But there's quite a difference between vandalism and the beauty of natural decadence.
Enjoy the charme, the peace, the silence and it will be a lovely stay.