Dienstag, 14. Januar 2014


I'm back. I'm tired. I'm stressed. Hi.

First of all...


Krad Lanrete's Jellyfish JSK *A*

I love it so much ;_;

I just wished it arrived a BIT earlier, last week I went to a Lolita Meet-up in Hannover, too bad my coord was totally shit this day T_T (I'm on the right in the light blue AATP dress... fail coord of doom, sorry, no pics of this desaster...)

Anyway, I'm glad I could attend at a german meet before I'm going to New Zealand for one year.

I really can't wait!!! *u*

Even found a lolita comm in NZ, would love to attend at their meet ups as well, they seem reeeaaally kind and sweet! ^^

Oh. And I just found out that I turn into a 7 year old after I step into a kids store. Holy shit.
Look what I found:

Mr. Puffles the FAT ROUND UNICORN:

Do you see the LOOOOVE in it's eyes? XD Can't help it... totally must have...