Montag, 23. Februar 2015

Event: LA VIE EN ROSE + Disneyland PARIS

Hey hey hey,

this is going to be a gianormous blog entry, and as I am writing this I already feel tired.

Just kidding.

So, this weekend was that kick-ass-Lolita Event of the year, named LA VIE EN ROSE in Paris!
( )

So what to say... I've never been to a really BIG, like damn BIIIG lolita event, so I decided to have my firsty there.


Where to begin with? Me and my friends were driving by car, starting on friday (although I'd loved to go earlier, but, you know... school, work etc)

We arrived quite late but - however, the room was nice.

The only problem we had the day after was the fact that I was the only lucky person with an VIP ticket -while my friends all had GA ticket (means, I would be able to enter the event at 10am, while GA ticket holder can enter around 11am) not that much of a drama, but I felt a little lonely and insecure to enter the event all by my own.

I looked a little casual on my way to the event...

As I entered I just saw the first lolitas literally crushing the "Triple Fortune" stall (they make AMAZING bonnets, so I don't even wonder...) and I was a little scared there wouldn't be any left for me, since I was still standing in the queue for the ticket check ;_;

I really looked forward to that stall, and I was lucky I got one too - wahay <3
(Took me AGES to decide >_> .... oops)

It's so prettyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy T//////////////T <3 <3 <3

Oh I forgot.

Since I was there with a VIP ticket, I got this little gift bag:


cute, aye? So let's so what amazing things will be inside!


80% Flyer and cards. uhm.

Maybe let's have a closer look...

That's actually damn cute.


Well, some basic stuff is always nice to have I guess.


Stuff for nails and loooots of Illustrations.

Uhm, yeah, it's cute. Quite cute. 

Aaaaaaaaaaaand then there were my heavy shopping bags :D
I show you a few things <3

And I bought Jewelry and more Jewelry and even more... sorry I'm too lazy to make a photo of them all xD but these are my favorites ;3 

Oh btw here's my Outfit:

(I came with another bag and a similar self-made Bonnet, but all in all this was my coord xD)

JSK: Infanta
Tights: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: Bodyline
Bonnet: first selfmade - next Triple Fortune


Of course there were two Fashion shows were brands were showing off their latest stuff.

I think they were quite short, but I fell in love with the Outfits *O*

Here are some impressions (sorry for the low quality ._. the light was horrible)

Inbetween the shows... XDDDDDD


As I don't even have ALL photos yet, I will show you MORE photos of the event at my next BLOG entry, so watch out :)

Instead of drinking tea on sunday, we went to disney land, because we hoped for some ACTION :D lol

so here we go,


I tried to be kawaii again, so here I am xD

No, I haven't bought the ears, but they looked kinda cute :'D kinda...

No, it's not Lolita, it's just random kawaii stuff XD

First we had breakfast somewhere inbetween those nice houses, I mean... LOOOOOK

We were just sitting there, enjoying ourselves and happy music were playing all along. Geez I felt so overly happy - I was a kid again T-T <3

Btw, do you have an Idea what happens when you go with a WIG into a ROLLERCOASTER ?!?!

I'll tell you...



No srsly, it's a wonder, but that thing just... dunno...nothing happened. I'm still not over it lol.


I couldn't resist... I had quite some money left and beside amazing food the 5 year old in me striked again .____.

Shut up, they're awesome XD IT'S BABY ELSA AND BABY MERIDA DAMNIT!

Me and my friend got us these little... fluffy plushi sausages XD 
Now we have super powers fluffy plushi friendship-sausages ... xDDDDD <3 <3 <3

But I also bought a lot for friends and family as gifts, I can't post them because I don't want them to see their gifts before they get'em :)