Dienstag, 19. Mai 2015

Lolita Picnic in Schwerin Castle

So, dear friends, followers and stalkers

I had an amazing day in schwerin (my very first time in schwerin! such a pretty city!)
and of course I feel like blogging about it :D

So, let's go!

Woke up way too early to catch my train ;-; however, I love my doll-tights *3*

I was impressed how pretty Schwerin is! like omg <3

First of all we went into a shop called "Atom", there was books, comics, anime/manga, game stuff, lots of merchandise and J-Fashion.

 I needed to keep my money together, but I decided I wanted a little souvenir from my first time in Schwerin :) So I bought a tiny cute Totoro <3<3<3<3

 The girls were all REALLY loving that day! And yes, we also had quite a few beginners in the Lolita fashion, but I think they looked adorable nonetheless <3

After we catched up with the girls from Berlin, we decided it's time for food! Srsly, we were kinda starving...

Time for a picnic ! *3*

I was so happy to see you again Dani, I missed you little cupcake <3 :*

I tried to make bunny-cupcakes, but they looked like... dunno... albino-zombie-rabbits :'D lol

So pretty! I named that little fucker "Berta" 

Caro brought hot chocolate with marshmallows!!! Best Idea of the day! You rock! :D

After we stuffed ourself it was time for some photos! ^_^

Look at this! Schwerin Castle is so damn pretty!! I'm so happy that my first time in schwerin was during a Lolita meet up, so I could explore this amazing city with lovely girls and friends together <3

Thank you Sarah (Amokchan) for the great photos <3
You're such a kickass photographer, like omg xD

Also thanks to Caro, I love your filter camera hahaha :D

To my coord:

Dress/JSK: Infanta
Blouse: Liz Lisa
Bonnet: Triple Fortune
tights: Lockshop

Everything else: can't remember where I got all that crap, probably ebay and my cellar. lol

Alright, thanks everyone for the great day, even though my feet were DYING in that god damn shoes, it was awesome to meet all of you <3

Ya Jen Jen Jen Jen xxxx

Donnerstag, 14. Mai 2015

more haunted dolls lol

Hello people,


I just decided I will join the "surfing school" for now :D

in around 2 months I will hopefully have my international diving lisence :)

Who knows, maybe I find my life purpose at the ground of the sea...


Updates on my haunted dolls (yes, they are 2 now! lol)

Nothing happened at all so far! lol :D

I placed them directly next to my bed, but to be honest, nothing changed so far.
I'm not dissappointed or something, I still think they are incredibly cute and I love their little frilly dresses. Also Ruth (the left one) has AMAZING eyes.
When having a closer look it's easy to see that these dolls are - in fact - really really old.


And I couldn't resist and got me another really cute thing:

It's a DEER doll :D It's just so damn cute like... omg.
(Yes when it comes to cute dolls I'm a big kid, you'll have to deal with that :P)

Jen xx