Donnerstag, 14. Mai 2015

more haunted dolls lol

Hello people,


I just decided I will join the "surfing school" for now :D

in around 2 months I will hopefully have my international diving lisence :)

Who knows, maybe I find my life purpose at the ground of the sea...


Updates on my haunted dolls (yes, they are 2 now! lol)

Nothing happened at all so far! lol :D

I placed them directly next to my bed, but to be honest, nothing changed so far.
I'm not dissappointed or something, I still think they are incredibly cute and I love their little frilly dresses. Also Ruth (the left one) has AMAZING eyes.
When having a closer look it's easy to see that these dolls are - in fact - really really old.


And I couldn't resist and got me another really cute thing:

It's a DEER doll :D It's just so damn cute like... omg.
(Yes when it comes to cute dolls I'm a big kid, you'll have to deal with that :P)

Jen xx

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