Montag, 29. Juni 2015

The GTP Germany and a shitload of drama

Heya lovely people,

hope it's not too late to talk about the last GTP germany in Hamburg. However, not unusual for a Lolita event, this was not completely drama-free.

This event was considered quite a big thing, there was these weeks were people were really excited. Finally one of these BIG events is in germany!
So me and my friends were grabbing tickets - even though there wasn't much of a program, we were quite optimistic!
But honestly, the disenchantment just followed soon.
At some point there was still no entire program, or at least any promising infos.

Special guests was announced at least, so we looked forward Misako Aoki, Lorina Liddell, Aya from Victorian Maiden and many more.
I was especially looking forward to meet Krad Lanrete or get to spend some money at her booth. As least it was said Krad Lanrete would be there.

I arrived in Hamburg on tuesday, a friend would pick me up. Luckily her parents are living around Hamburg and would drive us to the event on the weekend, double lucky we could stay at their house :) My friend, who is a die hard Lolita, was overly excited and made me nervous as hell. So we decide to plan our outfits, since the "Tea party" would be just tomorrow.

But besides the excitement, there was a lot to worry about.
The actual organizer just left the event days before, because of another organizer who just jumped in. There were many bad rumours about him, from exploiding his staff to sexual harrassment.
But since everyone was going anyway, we just lowered or expectations and would go there anyway.

But just in the evening the organizers (John Leigh and his staff) posted in the event group on facebook he missed his flight, is stuck in Istanbul and therefore the event would start and end 2 hours later.
It wasn't much of a drama for US personally, because we just lived 20 minutes from the Event - but there were a lot of people who came by the bus, train or even travelled HOURS by car. People came from england, belgium and austria, not everyone would stay for the next day and many of them would have to catch their connections to get home.
We honestly didn't understand why we couldn't enter the event at the primary starting time? it was expected to rain and people could at least enter the building and socialize, until the organizer arrived?
Also, what organizer would arrive just hours before the event starts? Shouldn't an organizer arrive at least 1-2 days BEFORE the event? This seemed all quite unprofessional.


Time to get reaaadddyyyyy !!!

So after a few hours of squeeezing in our outfits, adding makeup, styling headdresses and getting into our shoes... we were like:

And off we go!

Alright, we stepped into the buildigung and actually, the room was quite small, but the overall setting was really nice!

Also the tables looked really nice :)

from the preceding lack of information and planning was not much to recognnize.

A little time passed, where everyone was socializing, drinking tee and made selfies. During that time I met this lovely girl <3

She's a fashion designer and we were facebook friends before :3 this was the first time we actually met! GEEZ GIRL YOU'RE SO CUTE AND ADORABLE I WANNA EAT YOU ARGH!

*cough* I mean, hi.

I met quite a lot of people I always wanted to meet, or haven't seen in a long time :) that was great!

I even met people who knew me and/or my blog, it's so funny to be recognized, haha :D

We were also allowed to take photos with the VIP's !! Misako was soooo overly cuuute! I nearly fainted ;_;

AND THEN.... !!!!



So, Misako and the other VIP's had to chose girls for "best dress"

MISAKO CHOSE ME!!! ;___; omfgjukabcuoecoa

So she took my hand and we were going to the front

And many people took photos of us and aaah ;_; I was so happy ~ <3 Misako liked my dress, omg <3 <3 <3

Okay, and somewhere inbetween we got food xD

There was a quite huge buffet with cold and warm food. I was overhelmed!
Until this point I was really happy with pretty much everything.

I mean, look at this!!?!? That's a shitload of food! Even after everyone got their meals, there was still so much left!

After that, everyone got a goodie
So there was a really cute Victorian Maiden doily, A cute Button, a cameo and of yourse a few flyer and postcards (but not half as many as in the LVER bag...).
bag, they looked quite cute! And guess what, it wasn't filled up with goddamn flyers xD
I was quite happy, I love the doily and I didn't even expected a goodie bag

Misakoooo <3
I just bought a poster of her and she signed it ;A; so happy!

she had a signing session in another, it was quite pretty!

Everything was so pretty and  noble... felt like a princess ;A;

Later we went for photos to another place outside

I'm sitting in the front - can you spot me? :)

after the group photo we went home~ we just strived a little through Hamburg though, but well, that was an exciting day!

After this promising day we had good hopes that saturday would be as good.


Let's start with the Outfit - This was my coord for saturday :3

Parasol: btssb
JSK: btssb
blouse: liz lisa
headdress: selfmade
tights: offbrand
shoes: bodyline

so, as I said, we had high - or rather said "not so low" expectations for this day, because friday was actually great. 

Oh shit, we were so wrong.

So we arrived and this time, we would enter this room:

Looks nice. VIP's had seats, but for everyone else it was a question of luck. There were not enough seats for everyone. Some had to stand the whole time or sit at the floor :/
I was lucky, because I came as an VIP.

There were Goodie bags again, my VIP bag had an victorian maiden mirro, socks, another cameo,
drink coupons and whatever.
It was weird that VIP's got more
drink coupons than the other ones, what makes no sense imho, at least water should have been for free for everyone. But no. 

But I was happy when my new adorable friend from yesterday has been there again <3


SHOP: !!!!!!!!!!!!

Again I met many old and new friends :)
Too bad I forgot to make some selfies with everyone, but anyway xD

And everyone looked SO stunning!

There was a short fashionshow ( but it was rather quick, I couldn't get any nice photos :c sorry guys)

And then there was John Leigh with his "suprise" for Misako. He said her Birthday was last week and now he has something for her. (Weird.. this was on June 20 , but google says her birthday the 15th of may.... how can her birthday be "last week" then?!)

Anyway, she got a huuuuuuuuuge cake! 

can you spot me? :P
(looks like I wanna steal the cake loool)

And even better, we ALL got a piece of cake :)

Not so good: the actual food was not enough for everyone. Compared to the huge buffet from friday, there was not even half enough for today... geez I was kinda grumpy. I WAS HUNGRY DAMNIT! 

It also sucked that there was (still) no actual programme, not even a printed one. Nothing. There wasn't even any announcements, no one told us when the buffet would start, no one told us when the cake will be given out, no one told us anything. We were kinda scared to go outside for photos, because we could simple miss out on something. At the whole time, we had absolutely no idea what was going on.

Also, many things that were promised were NOT there.
No Booth for Krad Lanrete, No booth for Atelier Boz, there was no signing session, which was also announced and even said that VIP's will get priority. 

The difference between VIP and General was a joke after all... 

Ah, btw - Misako gave me one of her books for free and signed it for me, because she chose me for "best dress" the day before :) thank you Misako! <3

While people were still standing in line to get a piece of cake, John decided it was a great idea to start with the major raffle while everyone is not paying attention, chewing, waiting or being outside. yeah. 

From this moment, we were just sitting, waiting and getting quite bored...

Only thing that bothered me the most... that 2 bitches standing behind me. 
They were bitching and bad talking about literally EVERYONE in the room. EVERYONE. 
So for a fucking eternity all I heard shit like "gosh look at this disgusting skirt, it's way too short, who's even buying that crap?" or "wow that wig looks so cheap, gtfo !"

I mean, srsly?!??
Lolitas like that creep me out, Lolitas like that are the reason that our scene has such a frightening reputation. 
The best thing is: they both looked pretty crappy. Sorry, you did. 

Also, when I stood at the Misako booth, there was this one particular girl who completely lost her shit about Misako for no actual reason. People were looking at her books, while she got all like "Why is she even famous? She doesn't look special to me! Everyone can do the shit she's doing. Srsly, what is that about her? What's about her ugly fake smile? Ugh!"

Some of you girls have an disgusting mind. 

Whatever, I sticked with the people who were in a great mood, we took Photos outside and had lots of fun :) 

And of course another group photo :)

In the first row again :) where am I ?

Well... since after the event everyone was starving, some of us went into a nice restaurant and EAT!!

We arrived home, somewhat around midnight, and shit we were done x__x

Even the morning after, I was like... dead...

Good night guys.


There was a huge drama about John Leigh and his staff, since I didn't recognized much first hand - I'll just link you a few articles about what's going on atm.

have fun ;*

Special thanks to our photographers Anh bin and Kon_Art :)