Montag, 21. Dezember 2015

Lolita Christmas Hannover Part 2

Some more photos of the Hannover community meet-up ^^

If you find yourself in those pictures and do NOT want to be published here, please message me anytime :)

Chrissie shows her amazing cake, My inner me is like: "HOLY SHIT IT'S CAKE I NEED CAKE GIMME THAT CAKE OH MY GOD ITS FUCKING CAKE I NEED SUGAR!!!"

But before we jumped on it like hungry hyenas, we first took photos of it. Of course. What else. 

Okay. Look at my face. My inner me has some very deep conversation with itself:

"Okay.It's cake. I want cake. But I'm gonna die, I'm so full I feel like exploding. Fuck. But I really want that cake. Okay okay, calm down, just take a very small piece. Like REALLY small.
Oh c'mon who are you kidding? You want to bath in that thing. Just look at it! It's awesome. It wants you to eat it. Obey the fucking cake!"

 See how happy I look now? That means I've decided :'D

I took half the cake.
Just kidding.

The Fashion contest. Of course, I am trying my luck without an winterly outfit.
Needless to say I didn't win. But crashed and burn with style ;D

So what did we learn today? Obey the fucking cake.

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